We have built our solutions around your needs as an individual, a training institute, a medical school, as well as an endovascular device provider. We have what it takes to fulfil all your training and demonstration needs.

Our CATHIS® Simulators (CATHIS® web, mini, smart, 3 and 5) are provided with unique tools to support the training period such as instant intelligent feedback guidance, step-by-step cards, review charts, endovascular tools blueprints, and a plethora of real life case-based discussions from major vascular centres.
CATHIS® 5 provides five internal tracking systems which allow the display of five independent instruments simultaneously.

In combination with a second simulator, CATHIS® 5 provides the full experience of applications that require two insertion points and the use of five different instruments. Read more ...

CATHIS® 3 is the innovative fullscope simulator, ideal for university hospitals or simulation centers.

CATHIS® 3 provides three internal tracking systems which allow the display of three independent instruments. It is designed for execution of all interventions to their full extent with one insertion point (jugular, transradial, transfemoral). Read more ...
Being the size of a laptop, CATHIS® Smart is truly transportable, but its compact dimensions do not mean that compromises have been made on either applications or features.
CATHIS® Smart is supported by a range of hardware including a control unit, injection pump, foot pedal, and a gaming PC to handle CATHIS® core engine at its best. The unique haptic feedback upon passing a bent in an artery or a difficult to cannulate lesion is but one key features of many. Read more...
CATHIS® Mini provides maximum portability, individual affordability, and basic tracking capability to connect with CATHIS® engine in an unprecedented way for individual training at home. Its affordability to one or a group of individuals means that you can have your own high level endovascular simulator and training at home on your own time and pace. Read more...
CATHIS® Web provides the ultimate portability where no hardware is needed.This is the ideal solution available for our training courses and is at the centre of our masterclass and skills building facilities.

CATHIS® Web is designed to provide all key tools and manoeuvres needed to master core endovascular skills on your time and at any location you might be in. Just log in and enjoy a unique training environment tailored to your needs.

CATHIS® Web was integrated with our smart feedback engine (SFE©) to ensure appropriate and timely feedback during the training period and ensure that the training meets our high standards to pass the masterclass at appropriate level. Read more...
When it comes to simulation training, CATHI are THE experts in right heart catheterization.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Rosenkranz
Cologne Cardiovascular Research Center (CCRC).
The CATHI simulator is an excellent tool for training purposes, improving the quality of clinical practice. I have personally used it for Right Heart Catheterization courses and the possibilities are amazing, even with real life cases. The most positive trainee feedback always comes from these courses. The CATHI team is always very supportive, available and friendly. It's a pleasure working with them.
Dr. Filipa Ferreira
Cardiologist of Hospital Garcia de Orta, Almada, Portugal
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