Vascular Simulation Solutions (VSS) Masterclass
Masterclass dates:
14-15 July 2022 - Frankfurt. Germany
12-13 Sep 2022 - Frankfurt. Germany
15-16 Sep 2022 - London. England
17-18 Nov 2022 - Dubai. United Arab Emirates
The Workshop length is 2 days, and online training for 4 wks
Access to online simulator, review cards and videos included
12 CPDs Approved by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Join the world's most advanced distant training on endovascular skills using model-based and web-based simulation solutions, tailored to your time and needs.

We are here to help you in bridging the gap between training on endovascular techniques and their application in practice. We will teach you how to make evidence-based decisions for simple and complex vascular cases, and we will provide you with all the necessary tools (reference books, cases studies, presentations, real and web-based high fiedility simulators) to achieve this vision. We aim to help you improve your thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, and your engineering mind. We will give you the 'tools of the trade' to bridge all gaps you might have, and advance your skills to a new level.
Our Masterclass has been approved for 12 CPDs by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Abdullah Jibawi
Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon
About VSS Masterclass
Learn, practice, and master the art and science of endovascular skills using a world-class CATHIS® simulator, delivered to you via workshops, distant learning, and web-based self-paces simulations.

Our endovascular curriculum is designed and delivered by our UK vascular and endovascular experts. This training is tailored to bring you the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to perform core and advanced endovascular procedures to the highest standards possible.

What will you learn?
Biomechanics, radiation safety, etc.
Including how to treat complications
Guidewires, catheters, balloons, stents, etc.
    Iliac, SFA, Tibial, Carotid, and Aorta.
    Aneurysm and EVAR, near-occlusive disease, carotid stenting, etc.
    How is the training delivered?
    Workshops run in different locations using hands-on simulator with real-life cases. The aim is to build confidence and support.
    An essential part of training is building eye-hand coordination skills. This is well achieved using physical and web-based simulators.
    Flexible access to training via web-based real simulator allows for a self-paced layer-by-layer accelerated training.
      Using real-life cases and reflecting on them improves decision-making skills significantly and keeps training to the practical needs.
      Chunk information on endovascular facts and figures is designed on review cards for easy access, memorisation and review.
      What is the training format?
      Structured curriculum
      Provides consistent learning, alignment with formal training, measurable, and predictable.
      Small group workshop
      This provide the motivation, fun, and personal attention.
      Immersive practice
      This creates an environment entirely dedicated to learning.
      Flexible rehearsal
      This improves your capacity to adjust the skill-set by doing cases flexibly, in your time, using web-based simulators.
      Personalised feedback
      Our training ensures real-time automated and instrctor-led feedback mechanism for better performance.
      What about new experiences
      Learn the latest protocols and guidelines in the field of endovascular therapy
      Learn tips and tricks on how to effectively use guidewires, catheters, balloons and stents.
      Learn and analyse the biomechanical factors affecting your technqiues.
      Learn all about the common complications and how to deal with them.
      Create your own profile of approaches based on accredited curriculum.
      Become more resilient in your practice by benefiting from extensive rehearsal learning environement.
      Masterclass program
      UPCOMING WORKSHOP DATE: 14-15 July, 2022.
      Workshop days
      Introduction to modern endovascular practice. The day is compromised of a series of lectures, endovascular devices handling, and hands-on training on performing core endovascular treatment. In addition, video tutorials, group chat with your fellows, instructor's support, and handbook and review cards are all handed over.
      Week 1-3
      Using CATHIS® Web, review cards, and the logbook provided, the candidate is required to run through a set of tasks and excercises and complete them in time and to a minimum errors possible. A live feedback mechanism is implanted within the system for qiuality assurance
      Week 4
      This is a review week for all cases, with fine-tuning of knowledge gaps and techniques.
      Assessment day
      A structured assessment is designed to evaluate the learning process, level of knowledge and hands-skills acquired during the 4-weeks training period. Logbook and procedure logs (obtained directly from CATHIS® Web) will also be assessed.
      What you will get after the course
      Certificate of completion of the Distant-learning Masterclass in Endovascular skills at the end of the course.
      All course materials are always available for personal use.
      A 12 CPD points have been approved for this Masterclass workshop by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
      CATHIS® simulators are completely based on German engineering expertise, enabling training to the highest standard which results in obvious skills improvement and better management of stressfull and challenging clinical situations.
      CATHIS® Web
      CATHIS® Web is designed to provide all key tools and maneuvers needed to master core endovascular skills on your time and wherever you are. Just log in and enjoy a unique training environment tailored to your needs.
      CATHIS® Smart
      CATHIS® Smart's compact dimensions do not mean that compromises have been made on either applications or features.
      CATHIS® Smart is supported by a range of hardware such as a control unit and injection pump. It has a plethora of features such as haptic feedback and others.
      CATHIS® 3
      CATHIS® 3 provides three internal tracking systems which allow the display of three independent instruments. It is designed for execution of all interventions to their full extent with one insertion point (jugular, transradial, transfemoral).
      CATHIS® 5
      CATHIS® 5 provides five internal tracking systems which allow the display of five independent instruments simultaneously.
      In combination with a second simulator, CATHIS® 5 provides the full experience of applications that require two insertion points.
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      How does the Masterclass run
      Send an application for the Masterclass
      Registration is the official process to enrol as a candidate on our masterclass and consists of two stages (both of which must be completed):
      Online registration and verification of identity and eligibility to enrol.
      Pay for the course
      VSS Masterclass is made up of a series of modules. Every module has an individual fee – added together, they give you the total cost. You'll fund your modules as you study them, which means you won't have to pay for everything up front.
      Book a workshop session
      From the online calendar, book your workshop date, and as many 1hr time online simulation training slots as you require. We will assign credits to your account to use and build up your training with our CATHIS® Web simulator.
      Learn on your own
      You will be given access to CATHIS® Web Simulator during your masterclass period. You will also have access to Up-To-Date Content & Expert-Led Case studies. You will be provided with course material and simulator guide.
      Final assessment
      We designed our assessment to encourage active learning and foster your skills, such as reflection, critical thinking and self-awareness. This is also designed to give you insight into the assessment process itself.
      Get the certificate & Plan for the future
      After all the efforts you have put, and having passed the assessment, we will award you with a certificate of our VSS Masterclass, with the attached CPD points from the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow.
      Masterclass prices
      Masterclass - Full course
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      • Full course registration
      • Resources and learning material
      • Tutor fees
      • 4 weeks CATHI®Web access
      • Assessment and certification
      • 50% discount vouchers available for trainees
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      CATHIS® web subscription
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      • Access to online simulator
      • Tutor support
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      CATHIS® Simulator(s)*
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      * Prices are provisional and subject to final agreement.
      ** All prices are excluding VAT
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      Masterclass dates:
      14-15 July 2022 - Frankfurt. Germany
      12-13 Sep 2022 - Frankfurt. Germany
      15-16 Sep 2022 - London. England
      17-18 Nov 2022 - Dubai. United Arab Emirates

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